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A Little About Chickens continued…Day 10-16

Continuing on with our daily pictures…

Day 11



At this point much of the egg is full, about 1/2 and you can start to distinguish features, the umbilical cord and even feathers. You can see the embryo moving around and kicking, just like a human baby in the womb.

Day 12 (I must have forgotten to take a picture, sorry)

Day 13



Although the picture is a bit dark, you can see the shape of the embryo, curving around the egg. Getting tight in there now!

Day 14



This was really neat, for some reason the light really transmitted through the egg and we could see the full contours of the chick, could make out its beak and feet.

Day 15



Not much of a change from the day before, just a little bigger, still able to make out features,  embryo is still active.

Day 16

I had taken a video of the embryo on day 16, it was so neat because we could see a lot, but sadly it is mostly dark on camera 😦

Day 17

IMG_0661.JPGSince we are nearing the end and there are clearly developing eggs and non-developing, I cleared out the non-developing eggs. Sorry for the graphic picture, but I wanted to verify that I was indeed correct that this egg had stopped early on.  So if you are curious what it looks like inside the egg, this is it, head with large eye is on the left.  This was probably around day 8-10 that it stopped.


This left us with 5 developing eggs upon “lockdown”.  We started with 9, 2 cracked, and 2 didn’t develop on their own, so not too bad.  Normally lockdown would not be until day 18, but we spent day 17 getting our new addition, Sam the pig. So the incubator is closed until hatching now, no more candling (lockdown) and on day 19 we will stop the eggs from being turned as well, this allows the chicks to get into position with their beaks aimed for escape on hatching day! Fingers crossed they all make it! 🙂

Oh! After months of wondering if we got a dud for a layer, I got 2 eggs from the same hen today! Super exciting! And (providing she keeps laying) this means I can start up a new batch of hatching eggs, as soon as these guys are hatched!



More on this new addition in my next post! Thanks for reading, watch for my post on hatching, and brooding!


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