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A Pig Named Rosie

This weekend was very busy, and very productive.  My hubby was able to use a truck from his work, so we crammed as much transporting in as possible.  On Saturday we transferred most of our animals from my parents house to ours, a chicken coop and run, and 3 rabbit hutches.  Of coarse the weekend we picked was (I think) the coldest of the year, bitter and windy!  So we got them all into place and then struggled in the wind and cold to get a tarp pinned down over the chicken run and blankets over the rabbits, securing them so they won’t blow away.  It doesn’t look pretty, but at least they have some protection from the cold. One problem with our property (although it has a great view), is that it backs to the North mountain in Annapolis Valley, and there is one tree on the whole 3.5 acres… so the wind just comes through with no obstruction.  This spring we want to plant a couple rows of trees!  Here is everything set up, looks pretty hodge-podge, but is actually all nice pine and cedar shake structures my Dad and I built last year, underneath all the covers of coarse…

img_0349 Everything covered up, with lots of straw in their little houses to keep warm!

We also picked up our Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock) hatching eggs from a local breeder I found on Rare Breeds Canada and got them into the incubator, also made by my Dad.  Now we wait and see, we can candle them on Day 5 and see if any are taking.


We finished cleaning out the shed (this will be Rosie’s temporary home) which has luckily been used for animals before and has the whole floor and part way up the wall lined with steel siding material.  Then we used some old wood shutters that were left here to enclose the front door so we don’t have a piglet trying to escape every time we open the door.  Trust me you do not want to be chasing a pig, they are very hard to catch!

Last year when we got our other pig, my sister in law and I thought she needed a good hose down after having pooped and peed in her kennel…so we proceeded to put a leash on her and take her out of her crate.  It didn’t take long before Katie was yelling “Bad idea! Bad idea!” while everyone watching us killed themselves laughing.  I grabbed her by the back legs like a wheelbarrow (her very poopy and muddy back legs) before Katie jumped right on her before she got away! The kids thought it was a laugh but Katie and I definitely needed showers!

Anyways! Here is the shed enclosed…(I’m showing all these cruddy pics, so hopefully I can have vastly improved after shots! lol)


Then we drove an hour and a half to Ross Family Museum to pick up our 13 week old Berkshire Gilt.  She is a Heritage breed from top quality lines, so we were very lucky to get her for a very good price.  I am really excited about this because my plan is to breed her, and keep the heritage line going in this area.  You can check out more about Heritage Breeds, and why I am choosing this type of animal to raise at the Livestock Conservancy.

Once she was all settled the girls decided to name her Rosie 🙂 Here she is, after she finally came out of the kennel we transported her in. (This was before adding bedding, which we had to go get!) Again this is just temporary, I am in the middle of building a pig shelter to go out on our pasture, I will write about that soon. In the meantime, at least our animals are here at our house!

Welcome to our little farm Rosie!


I am continuing searching for a boar of around the same age, which is not too easy to find!



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