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More and more changes…an update in 2017

Well, last I posted about changes coming up my post said we were planning to visit family before the school year was out.  Boy was I right about things changing…. Since my last post we did homeschool in Colorado, which we were really loving, our schedule and curriculum were working out great, and everything seemed to be improving including K.T.’s reading.  But then life happened, we ended up with sort of a family emergency and our visit to family came sooner and lasted longer then expected.  We arrived in Nova Scotia, Canada in the middle of May 2016.  In July my husband, who was still in Colorado, lost his job, and our move back to Canada came a lot faster then was expected!  This has ended up being a godsend for us, because between insurance issues and a new president we would have needed to move anyways.  Plus the market was good for selling our house and my husband found a job that he is loving as soon as he arrived in Nova Scotia.

As for homeschool, we continued on through the summer with some reading work, and lots and lots of exploring this new, beautiful province we live in.  I planned on registering K.T. for homeschooling here in Nova Scotia, but we found in the more rural area we live in now that there were not as many opportunities to socialize with other kids.  If you knew K.T. you would know that she needs those social outlets, she was really missing having kids her age around (although she does have her sister and 2 cousins, they are much younger).  So with September approaching quickly and a lot of unanswered questions as to HOW I was going homeschool in this new area, we made the decision to enroll her in public school again.  I know, I know, I kinda chickened out easily, but I had to do what was best for K.T.  In Colorado I had planned on using an umbrella school, and as far as I could find, there was nothing of the sort in this area.  I tried making connections, but the only other homeschoolers in Nova Scotia I could find were 2 hours away… I’m sure there are more, but I couldn’t find them.

Right now public school is the right choice for us, she is loving her school, teacher and friends, and she is at grade level with her reading since our time with homeschooling.  If however I find her falling behind I will not hesitate to homeschool again!

As for now, we are still giving her lots of at home learning opportunities, with moving to Nova Scotia we have bought an old farm house on 3.5 acres that we are restoring, and have animals (currently at my parents) that we have been taking care of all summer.  We have had chickens, ducks, goats, a pig and rabbits so far… and are approaching spring so we will be doing a garden and having baby goats and chicks etc!

I am going to continue to blog about this new venture, I am so excited about the new learning opportunities the girls are going to have!

You can check out what we are doing on our farm here on Facebook!




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