Things are a Changin’

Well its been awhile since I posted, that is mostly because I have been slightly overwhelmed.  We made the very hard decision to pull K.T. out of public school, and submitted our NOI (notice of intent to homeschool) a week ago today.  She will stay until March break, and then we will start our homeschool schedule.  We have a lot of changes coming our way, and quicker then expected!

It felt like a very sudden decision, but looking back Kaitlyn has sort of been failing to thrive at school since starting her vision therapy program, (this is not because the program is bad) but because she is tired, overwhelmed and by the time she gets into school, she wants to socialize.  She has also missed a lot of school! So that is another big factor.  I feel she is falling farther behind her classmates at this point, and it didn’t make sense to keep her somewhere that she is playing catch-up and not grasping topics or concepts.  Let alone becoming a distraction in class…   We have also been lucky enough to receive a scholarship for a reading specialist, which I am really excited about, so she will also be attending that and missing more school, despite being close to the end of vision therapy.

On the other hand, at home I have noticed that she is reading faster, I don’t want to say much yet, or get my hopes up, but I feel like we might be on the verge of her reading fluently.  I purchased these Fluency Strips from the Moffatt Girls, and this morning decided to try them out as part of her vision therapy, I was surprised when she read 9 passages in about 2 mins….. this would have taken 15 mins before!  I like these strips because if you make them up as described, the words are on a colored background (minimizes eye strain), the text is large and clear, and they are just straightforward, no clutter or gimmicks, just straight simple sentences.  There also aren’t any picture clues, which allows me to see clearly what she is able to do, without that extra crutch. (Generally picture clues are a great resource for beginning readers, don’t get me wrong)

So between the issues with school, and upcoming travel plans to visit my family before the school year is out, the decision became pretty clear. It was a difficult decision to make, K.T.really does love her school and her teacher, and so do I, but sometimes as parents we have to make those decisions….  So wish me luck, I’m about to get into all of this, a lot faster then expected!

I will keep you updated, please comment below with any questions!


One thought on “Things are a Changin’

  1. Everything happens for a reason! It’s so exciting to hear she is already picking up with reading! I hope she will thrive in homeschool and that you’ll enjoy it just as much!


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