Digital Lesson Planning

After ordering our curriculum, one of the things I was intimidated about was lesson planning.  Now that I had all this stuff, I needed to figure out how I was going to go about implementing it.

While I was looking for curriculum items I had found a really nice planner devoted to homeschool, although a little intimidated, I was excited to get going with this portion of planning because I felt like if I got down to the nitty-gritty of daily planning, it would give me an idea of where I was in terms of our curriculum.  So I ordered it. Not realizing it was the 2015/2016 school year version, ugh, I was so disappointed it had to be sent back.  Worse then that was that they didn’t have the new one in stock. Darn.  So I started searching again, this is when I came across one of favorite blogs, Only Passionate Curiosity she has a whole bunch of printable planners available.  I plan to use her Accountability to-do-lists for kids, they seem like a great way to keep the kids on track, and keep them from asking “are we done yet?” every day.  I also thought I would use her printable planners, because they are pretty and are created for homeschoolers.  BUT I don’t have much ink, and I don’t want to buy more with my limited budget at the moment.

That same day I happened to have a friend over, who is in school to be a teacher, and she told me about digital planning.  I wasn’t too sure, because I like to have something in my hands.  But I wanted to get on with it!  So I started searching, I was excited to find Planbook Edu in my search.  What is SO awesome about this program is that you can link state standards by grade right into your planner!  There is even a checklist to show which you have taught (or plan to teach) and what you haven’t implemented yet.  If you read my post on Choosing a Curriculum you know that one of the things that kind of scares me about homeschooling is the legal bit, so this was kind of a big deal to me, it takes the guess work out, and means that it is all logged right there for me, at the top of each lesson (ex. 1.2.3.a.). If you prefer you can also print your lesson plans right from the website, they aren’t pretty like the ones over at Only Passionate Curiosity, but they do take up less ink.  This is what I did, I like having something to hold, and something I can jot down things on. Next I just 3-hole punched them, got a black binder and a chalkboard pen and doodled myself an acceptable planner.  And for less then what you will spend on the pre-made type, I’m actually glad that I ordered the wrong one!


Check out my next post to view our Daily Schedule.


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