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Our Curriculum

Probably the hardest thing I have found so far, even harder then making the decision to homeschool, is choosing the curriculum I will use.  As I said in my Starting Out post, my budget is very limited.  So although there are many wonderful inclusive curriculums, I wasn’t able to make use of them, based on budget.

In my research, I did find a wonderful 1st grade curriculum over at Timberdoodle and the price was less then many I had found,  however I already have several of the items in the kit (I sell Usborne books).  So, I started searching for several of the items on the list, in used and discount markets.  By doing this I was also able to choose curriculum items that are closer to our beliefs, one trouble I had while searching for a curriculum was finding one that does not include religion as a base for the curriculum.  We are Christian, but I do not wish to include religion in their schooling because I believe that the curriculums that cater to this often leave out vital portions of science, such as evolution.

On the Timberdoodle list, I ended up purchasing the following items, I will let you know later on what I think of these items.

Daily 6 Trait Writing Grade 1

Mathematical Reasoning B

Plus Plus manipulatives

Daily Geography Grade 1

World Scrunch Map

Big Maze Pad

Learning Wrap-Ups (subtraction and addition)

I have read several posts about struggling readers, and decided based on reviews to purchase Hooked on Phonics.

Between the Timberdoodle Curriculum, Usborne items I have and other reviewed items, I ended up with a First Grade Curriculum that looks like this:

Language Arts

Daily 6 Trait Writing Grade 1

Hooked on Phonics

Kumon Reading Workbook

Usborne Very First Reading Set

Smethport Tabletop Pocket Chart Sight Words

A couple of I CAN READ sets, to vary reading choices.


Mathematical Reasoning B

Plus Plus manipulatives

Learning Resources Big Time Student Clock

Learning Wrap-Ups


Daily Science Grade 1

First Encyclopedia of Science

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix


Daily Geography Grade 1

World Scrunch Map

IMAX documentaries on Netflix

I plan to purchase Kids Book of Canadian Geography


Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

Kids Book of Canadian Exploration

Local Museums


Usborne Children’s Book of Art

Language (second semester)

Usborne First Fun with French DVD

Usborne First Thousand Words in French (Internet Linked for pronunciation)

Additional Resources

Learning Palette Set, to use in several different subjects.

Big Maze Pad

Teachers Pay Teachers for many free and low cost printables

Fact Monster for world history & more facts

Only Passionate Curiosity has a great list of free homeschool links, her blog is fantastic, definitely check it out!

I still have a few items on my wish list, but for now, I think this list will keep us busy!  I highly suggest becoming a consultant for Usborne Books if you homeschool, you can get many of these things for free, or great discounts! If not a consultant, at least host a show, I say this in complete honesty, not as a sales pitch!

The last thing to include in curriculum is that I plan to register with an umbrella school, they help cover things like legal matters and extra curricular activities and required state testing.

Here is our curriculum at a glance:


If you have used any of these items, or have suggestions for new items, please comment below.

Next thing to do is figure out what to do with all this stuff!  Check out my post on Digital Lesson Planning(that will fit your needs)

Check out my new post on Curriculum Continued


2 thoughts on “Our Curriculum

  1. Awesome job Jen you’ve put in a lot of thought, work and planning. I know you’ve made the right choice for you and your family. I wish we would of, been able to taken that step for our daughter when she started struggling at a young age. It will come with its ups and downs, but will help you know what’s really happening in your girls life’s. How they learn and what they learn, is so important. Good luck on your adventure, your girls will thank you.


    1. Thanks Chris! Love you guys, seeing what Meghan has gone through has been part of why we decided to do this!


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